Grafton’s Latest Results

Date 31 March 2014
Shares 1,763,000
Net Asset Value US$ 19,299,166.34
NAV Per Share US$ 10.95
Note on NAV

Winding Up Circular – 11th April 2014

Winding up Circular






Please use the link below to download publications on Grafton, including our annual report and prospectus.



About Grafton Resource

Grafton Resource Investment Limited is a resource based realisation fund, listed on the Dublin Stock Exchange. The fund, which began trading in September 2008, aims to take advantage of the economic downturn by investing in resources based companies that it believes to be undervalued. By taking an active management approach, Newland's team of experienced industry professionals will work to maximise each investment’s potential, and realise the cash value of the portfolio after 5 years.